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We are in a season where it seems a lot is breaking loose on all sides. If it’s not fear, it’s finances. If it’s not finances, it’s being jobless. If it’s not being jobless, it’s fighting sickness of a pandemic and any other sickness/disease. If it’s not sickness or disease, it’s injustice. If it’s not injustice, it’s politics and media. If it ain’t anything I mentioned, it could be something deep rooted that needs to come up and get up. The list goes on and on and on……

This is why now more than ever we need to actually take a step back (not physically per say) but look at our relationship with God. Let’s really and truly get personal with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You know, the One who died for our sins and conquered everything for us so we can walk in His victory and be victorious. Yeah, my Savior. 

? – Question:
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?As I look back over my life and I think things over, I can truly say that I’ve been blessed, I have testimony.?

For real, I can truly say that I have been blessed to have a personal relationship with God. The Creator of the heavens and earth. The One who knows my thoughts even before I think it or the One who provides for all my needs so I don’t have to want for anything. Like for real for real….I have been blessed to protect my peace, when chaos is knocking at the door. I have been blessed when seasons of lack would look as if I would not come out, but He blessed me far more than that. I have been blessed to see another day when people are dying daily. 

Even if I had a thousand tongues, it would still not be enough to show how grateful and thankful I am to have a Mighty God. A Mighty God that loves me through all my faults and sins and missteps. He is wonderful, beautiful and matchless in every way. 

I am thankful because He leads and guides me.

I am thankful because He protects me from seen and unseen things.

I  am thankful because he continues to provide and sustain me.

I am thankful because He corrects and teaches me.

I am thankful because He wants the best for me.

I am thankful because He favors me. 

I am thankful because I know He truly loves me. 

Take some time this week reflecting on the goodness of God and talk to Him and tell Him how good He is. Include Him in your deep and personal thoughts and ask Him questions. Be real with Him and He will be real with you. Honesty is the best way to approach God. That’s how we truly come boldly to the throne of grace because we’re not perfect but we can honestly communicate to God everything we want to say, feel and do. 

Just make sure you leave room for Him to speak. To speak life and give us answers or to tell us “I am always with you.” Hear His voice so another one you will not follow. ??? ???????? ???? ???! 

Ps…Leave feedback below and tell me one thing of how you can “Get Personal with God.”

Love ya,