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Hey there! If you saw the title, you would think perfect timing right?! However, I had already planned to discuss about forgiveness and letting things, even people go. Forgiveness is a hard topic to talk about to some but it’s really simple to do for God and move forward. The goal is to not be stuck in a grudge and offense, but to move forward in peace and joy. 

You know….when a person hurts another person or even do, say, act on something that the offended feel. The offender doesn’t even know or realize what they did. Then again, they could well know what they have done and don’t care. No matter who has hurt you, abused you, said something about you, tore you down, put their hands on you…….there is a God who can heal and deliver you by the Blood of Jesus. 

Forgiveness is not for anyone else but YOU. Let me repeat myself, forgiveness is not for the other person, but it is for YOU. No matter how much a person tells you they are sorry, it is never good enough for the other to accept. So that’s why forgiveness has to be for yourself. When we hold on to hurt, offense, grudges and/or disappointments, it puts us in a place where we cannot even be happy for the offender and we just want all hell to break loose on them. Is that right?! 

This is speaking to me right now and I must say, “I forgive you.” I want God to hear my prayers and release me from my faults and sins. No one is perfect and that’s why we must cast all my cares on God because He cares for me. We can then hear God on what to fix and correct after we cast it on Him. He is our answer and key to everything. He left His Word to lead and guide us. It’s important we don’t walk around with rocks, stones and bricks in our hearts. The Bible says in Mark 11:25 (TPT)….

And whenever you stand praying, if you find that you carry something in your heart against another person, release him and forgive him so that your Father in heaven will also release you and forgive you of your faults.”

After a long and slow moving election week no matter what side you voted for, it’s important we still love one another and pray for all people. Those who didn’t vote for who you voted for and those who you deem enemies and foes, we still pray for all people. God loves everyone and he sent His son to die on the cross for you and me. 

We can go on and on about forgiveness and letting things go, but you must first get your relationship with God first. If you are not saved, say this prayer:

God, I thank that I am no longer lost but I am found. I believe that you sent your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins and He rose again. I confess that you are now Lord over all of my life. Take the throne of my heart and I now walk in your authority and power in Jesus name, Amen. 

Welcome to the Kingdom of God! The angels are rejoicing and we are rejoicing with you. Now, you are new creature in Christ and old things that happen minutes ago or years ago,  you are now free and a new creature in the Kingdom of God. Let’s choose to move forward and get personal with the One who is your everything and answer in all things. Let Him be a lamp unto your feet and light unto your path. 

Now, you can forgive yourself, forgive others and walk in God’s power and authority. You can release what’s been holding you back and now God can release you and forgive you of all your faults and sins. For He remembers our sins no more. 

Pick one person today and forgive them and let it go. Trust God to lead and guide you into not holding onto hurt but walking in His supernatural peace, hope and love. 

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Love ya,

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