Grant Him Access

Grant God permission to be your prayer partner! He wants to partner with you. God is looking for those people who will come boldly to the throne of grace to obtain His mercy and His matchless grace. 

Prayer is the key to igniting my faith. We need FAITH NOW more than ever. 

Faith to live.

Faith to win inspire of.

Faith to heal and be healed. 

Faith to conquer.

Faith to win.

Faith to focus.

Faith to be disciplined. 

Faith to be obedient to God.

Faith to overcome every obstacle.

Faith for agreement.

Faith to dream.

Whatever it is, we need to partner with God and lean solely on Him. He is waiting for us to partner with Him to pray. Talk a to Him and ask Him…God what do you need me to do today? How can I please you?

In my close……partner with God.

Short prayer:

Thank you Father that you are giving me the faith that I need today to make You happy. I thank you a Father that I overcome any obstacles that may come my way. You are everything that I need and I thank you right now because you are good and your mercy endureth forever. I believe and receive it in Jesus name, Amen.