Happy Prayer Life with Happy Holidays!

I hope you are entering this season with the love of Christ and a willingness to pray consistently. Your prayer life anchors you in the Word, sets the tone for your day and opens up communion (dialogue) with the Holy Spirit.

Remember, it’s not about us in this season.  It’s about the love of God. A Father who sent His son to die for us on the cross so we can live life to the fullest and live it abundantly happy, flourishing and increasing in all aspects of life. 

Jesus is truly the reason for the season. We should always point it back to the foundation of how we are graced every day to live out God’s purpose for our lives.

As you prepare in getting your decor, Christmas tree, light fixtures outside, Christmas activities and eggnog (virgin of course), remember that Jesus came so we could enjoy life and live to greatest potential.

As always…

If you have any prayer requests, please fill out the form on the website or you can email your requests to [email protected]. 

Your Prayer Coach,