Overflowing Gratitude—

Friday is here and the weekend has arrived. As most of us clock out of our work week in order to get ready for the weekend, let’s decide to not clock out on God. Let’s overflow in our gratitude of how wonderful and good He is. How he has kept us, saved us, delivered us, protected us, healed us and even blessed us (to name a few). Let’s be honored and grateful that we get to enjoy life while others did not even wake up to see today. We GET TO be grateful to see another day and live to rejoice in Him and be glad. Even if we had 10,000 tongues, it still would not be enough to show our thankfulness and gratitude of how glorious He is.

Don’t take your prayer life for granted. We may be pulled in different ways and attacked on all sides. Remember, nothing shall by any means hurt you and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. We either believe the Word or we don’t, right?! We should remain in faith and offer up our faith filled requests to God on a consistent basis. 

Let’s get real and detailed to Him. He really wants us to talk to Him. He already knows what you think even before you ask so why not just tell Him any way. What? You think He’s going to judge you? Naw, He loves you and wants you to come to Him boldly. 

If you want peace, go to God and He will fill you with His supernatural peace. All of a sudden, you will realize that “I have peace. Everything is working for my good. I know He will do it. He’s able to do it for me.”

Let’s believe today and from this day forward (like a marriage vows) that we will talk to God and  not leave Him out of the details. He already knows any way so just do it, like Nike. Do it because you love Him. Do it because he cares for you. Do it because you He loves you more than you’ll ever know. 

Love ya,



Don’t be pulled in different directions or worried about a thing. Be saturated in prayer throughout each day, offering your faith-filled requests before God with overflowing gratitude. Tell him every detail of your life, then God’s wonderful peace that transcends human understanding, will make the answers known to you through Jesus Christ.

Philippians 4:6-7 TPT

Thank you Father for a heart of gratitude and a mouth filled with praise. You are good and Your mercy endures forever. Thank you Lord that I won’t be distracted and pulled in many directions. I choose to focus on You and open my heart to You. I come boldly with overflowing gratitude and I am now filled with Your wonderful peace that goes beyond my understanding. I believe and receive it now in Jesus name, Amen.