“Jesus answered, “I told you, but you don’t believe. Everything I have done has been authorized by my Father, actions that speak louder than words. You don’t believe because you’re not my sheep. My sheep recognize my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them real and eternal life. They are protected from the Destroyer for good. No one can steal them from out of my hand. The Father who put them under my care is so much greater than the Destroyer and Thief. No one could ever get them away from him. I and the Father are one heart and mind.””

John 10:25-30 MSG

Follow His voice! Listen to Him carefully as He leads and guide you into all truth. God will never lead you astray, but He will always lead you to victory. 

We must first….

Follow His Voice

• Follow His Direction 

• Follow His Peace.

When God speaks, His Word will not return void. They will not fall to the ground. He also leads us down the path of righteousness for His name sake but we will not fear for He is with us. You must let the peace of God  rule your hearts and know we are resting in Him, trusting in Him all the way. 

Let God be your guide for He knows what we need of even before we ask. So, why not follow the One who know you better than yourself. His thoughts are higher than your thoughts and His ways are higher than your ways. It’s time to put down what we can think and do and put on TRUST & FOLLOW Him! 

Follow God because you love Him and honor Him first. 

Follow God because he created you to depend and lean solely on Him. 

Follow God because He first loved us. 

With Love, 

Bri ?



Thank you Father that I choose to realign myself to your will. Not my will, but your will be done in my life today. Thank you Father that I hear your voice and another one I will not follow. So Father, lead and guide me into all truth as I commit myself totally unto you. You are great and greatly to be praised. I believe and receive….. in Jesus name, Amen.